Brookfield Spotted Gum House

BROOKFIELD SPOTTED GUM HOUSE | BROOKFIELD, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA  | Status: Complete | Credits: Myers Ellyett with Shane Thompson Architects

This is a house informed by a strong dialogue with our clients, affording an appreciation of their personal experience of living in this place over many years and their love of its landscape.  It is situated on an elevated semi-rural site in Brookfield on the western outskirts of Brisbane. The design was developed to integrate with remnants of the existing garden and respond to wonderful panoramic views over surrounding hills and valley. It was responsive to the clients' wish for a family place for varying activities and rituals of family life. The house is conceived as being anchored to the site, with stone terraces that emerge from the sloping terrain. These terraces form the ground planes internally and externally upon which a lightweight structure is clad in timber boards, which provides varying levels of enclosure and exposure.

World Architecture Festival – Best Future House Award
Shortlisted 2012

World Architecture Festival – Best House Award
Shortlisted 2015

AIA Regional Awards – House Category
Award 2015

AIA State Awards – House Category
Commendation 2015 

House for Boats

HOUSE FOR BOATS | POTTSVILLE, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA | Status: Complete | Builder: Steve Kerr Homes | Photography: William Ellyett & Jonathan Wood

A pavilion set within the remnant garden of a generous property in a sleepy beach settlement. Whilst the boat house's main purpose is to store marine equipment, it also provides a formal edge to a sprawling lawn, offers a place to cook and inhabit by the creek, and a cubby house for three young boys. The pavilion represents a departure from the everyday - a place of adventure, journey, retreat and mystery.

Mitchelton Backyard Room

MITCHELTON BACKYARD ROOM | BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA | Status: Complete | Structural Engineering: GDS Consulting Engineers | Credits: Photography by Mark Nilon

The Mitchelton Backyard Room is as much about conserving the existing workers’ cottage front as it is about embracing and inviting in the backyard.  The project involved the conversion of a poorly renovated workers’ cottage into a four-bedroom family home with a modern extension.  The new living spaces are arranged on a stepped floor plan that directly connect the existing house to the backyard, a key brief requirement for the family. Conceived as a linear sequence of spaces, the front of the house contains the bedrooms and bathrooms, then steps down to the living spaces, culminating at the rear decks that embrace the backyard. Carefully positioned openings and fenestration direct views out and away from neighbouring dwellings, whilst inviting light and the prevailing breezes in. The house was constructed by the architect supported by friends and family.

House for Hens

HOUSE FOR HENS | BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA | Status: Complete | Photography: Jade Myers

The simple brief of a chicken coop turned into an investigation of economical and readily available materials. The use of a portal frame system enabled workshop construction and simple speedy on-site installation. The play of solid and void offer the chickens a variety of spatial experience, whilst meeting the functional requirements of a shelter, run and nesting box.